Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thoughts on Thankfulness

     A door welcoming all who desire to enter in seeking to savor profound meditations. The absolute silence is broken by the morning light penetrating my eyelids. Rising from my bed, I sit comfortably in my soft, supple rocking chair. Pensively, I ponder the abundance of thoughts rumbling through my mind.Come, let me entice your senses, journeying on a potent road of thought. Enter in, all those who desire a taste of the delights of thankfulness to dwell upon.
     Freely streaming from the rivers of my heart's cry, thankfulness flows pen tip to paper. Daily, my life is engorged, my cup running over with images of blessings. Each day this profound journey yearns to be embarked upon.
Request granted, the curtain ascends. Plentiful, pristine pictures of thankfulness emerge, etched in my mind from days past. Countless images discovered, moment onto moment, hour onto hour, day onto day, anxiously waiting to be savored for a time and infinite times.
     Golden rays of lamplight permeate the page as nimble fingers clutch the pen shaft. Thankfulness flows out, sweet memories marinating from the days past. Priceless visions require unhurried contemplation throughout my God-given days.
Turning the handle, sparkling, life-giving water flows from a metal spout cascading to the depths of my drinking cup. My cup raised slowly, parched lips touching the rim, I sip the sacred fluid. My thirst slaked for a moment, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. My God, My God, you are absolutely precious in my heart. I am blessed by the Holy Spirit living within me.
     Consciously, I step into the silence of my shower, rivulets of streaming water drench my body and quietly fall to the shower room floor. Muscles worn by toil are soothed and cleansed and prepared for future days. Thankfully, I raise my hands to heaven, praising our Father with all the joy contained within this heart of truth.
     A simple question remains for all to answer. Who do we give thanks to? Surely, man is not deserving of accolades for thankfulness expressed. Truth be told, there is only one reality that can be found. The Father in Heaven is the giver of every good and perfect gift that mankind has received. He is the only one rightfully worthy to lay claim to a humble soul's journey of thankfulness. This is the only road that we can travel on when thankfulness is the quest.