Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Heart Of The Matter

The Heart of The Matter

     Let's see, I'm sure that many of us remember that old Popeye cartoon from our childhood. One character who stands out in my mind is Wimpy. You know his old saw. He would say, "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today." So, why would I bring up this silly, pompous character at the beginning of my writing about redistribution of wealth? Let me explain.
    Wimpy is the consumate picture of how our government has financially mismanaged our tax dollars, no matter what program they put their hand to. Their management of our tax dollars is centered in a twisted type of thinking that goes something like this. "Please loan us your money and we'll pay you back tomorrow!" Tomorrow comes and now our government is telling us that they are going broke.
     However, in all fairness, the current level of debt that our country has incurred did not appear overnight. Many past administrations have built-up and added to our country's debt burden by redistributing wealth invisibly through taxes. However, the Obama Whitehouse has exacerbated the problem in their quest to redistribute your and my wealth through taxes. They are crying out, "This is a crises!", "This is an emergency and it just can't wait!", "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!"
     The reality is our economy will not recover if Mr. Obama and his colleagues in the Congress and Senate continue to spend our tax dollars with reckless abandon while their underlying motive is the redistribution of wealth through taxes. Mr. Obama's answer can be found in his statement to Joe, The Plumber. It is proof positive of this motive. He said, "Well, you know, we've got to spread the wealth around!" Well, please Mr. Obama spread your own wealth around!" I believe that I can speak for a majority of Americans when I say, "We have worked long and hard to enjoy the fruits of our labor, don't deny us that privilege by taxing us to death and then "redistributing" it to people who have not worked for it nor deserve it.
     Many people, myself included, who have reached middle age are able to see, or should be able to see through the "smokescreen" thrown up by our government. You see, redistribution of wealth via taxes is really nothing new. So, we should not be surprised that it is happening. One example is Social Security. The original intent for this tax-based, government-run program was that citizens would pay into this system with the hopes that when they reached their "golden years" the money would be their little "nest egg"that they could count on.
     Granted, now, it "is" being used for retirement income for the current population, but, additionally, our government is dipping into this fund for a variety of other government-run programs. Some examples that I can point to where they are reditributing our tax dollars are: welfare; food stamps; medicare; medicaid; General Motors and the bank bailouts; "Cash for Clunkers." The list goes on and on and on. Where will it all end?
     So, who's to blame? Well, for one, our governments, past and present bear a big percentage of the responsibility for the implementation of the aforementioned programs. However, the heart of the matter is we Americans have been "asleep at the switch" so to speak. We have failed to pay attention to how our government operates as well as how our tax dollars are being redistributed. We assumed that our leaders in government had our best interests at heart. However, for the most part our government has perpetrated an enormous lie on "We, the People."
     My main concern is, "Why have we come to this point in the life of our country?" "Why have we let and ungodly ideology permeate the entire fabric of our great nation?" There are many reasons why. However, first and foremost, the removal of all facets of God from the life of our nation stands out as the most prominent in my mind. Furthermore, people in our society have either rejected God's Word completely or are severely, biblically illiterate. Any application of biblical truth has been pushed and shoved aside in favor of humanistic, worldly thinking. Lastly, because of one atheists crusade (Madeline Murray O'hare), we are not allowed to pray or read the Bible in our schools. It has gone as far as students being prevented from expressing their faith in their speeches at graduation ceremonies.
     Our Founding Fathers would be appalled if they saw the spiritual condition of our great nation because many of them believed in Jesus Christ as their Savior as well as God, our Creator. Christianity's influence can be seen weaved in and out of their personal writings and writings concerning the operation of our government. I believe that they would never have considered redistributing other individuals wealth through taxation. They believed, as I do, that personal responsibility for our lives is a must as we live in a free country, not handouts.