Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Path Laid Out Before Us

The Path Layed Out Before Us

     Today, we must be brutally honest with ourselves- a gut-level honesty is the order of the day. We, as a nation, have been asleep at the switch. We, the American people (not just baby boomers) have believed the lie that the Federal government was watching over our country. We felt secure in that knowledge and blindly trusted that they had our best interests at heart.
     We were unequivically wrong! In our trust, ignorance, and apathy, we have sadly strayed from the path of Liberty and Freedom. We have chosen a wealth of other distractions to placate our own selfish, self-indulgent desires, while ignoring our responsibilities as citizens of the United States. A majority of individuals of these United States have awoken to realize that the current, liberal, elitist Obama adminstration is using their office to grab, overstep and abuse the responsibilities we, the people, have given them by the Constitution to protect the American people. Now, the hour of truth is upon us and many will say as I have, Mr. President, Congress, and Senate, you have awoken a sleeping giant!
     The siren song of Lady Liberty is calling all who believe in Freedom and Our Constitutional Republic to join. Our walking this path means we must be brave and courageous. It is imperative that every individual in our nation not shrink back or shirk their duty to protect our nation. Even though, it may be necessary to gather for a Call-To-Arms among these United States against our Federal government.
     We have listened to unrighteous rhetoric for far too long. We cannot and will not stand by and watch these, our United States be torn apart, disintegrated, and destroyed by disastrous, unconstitutional decisions made by the President and his liberal, elitist administration, i.e., bank bailouts, stimulus plans, home loan fraud, etc., etc., etc..
I think that it was Thomas Jefferson who said, "Eternal Vigilence is the price of Freedom." As we face this tyrannical Federal government, each and every individual's vigilence must shine forth and convince other American citizens of the battle before us. Again, the path layed our before us is clear, and we must walk it with the iron will of determination for the sake of our fellow Americans.