Thursday, August 18, 2011

Entrenched in Tradition

Grandpa Grizzly here,

     Change is difficult, wouldn't you agree? It happens to all of us and cannot be avoided. This happened to me a while back. The issue was our practices as believers when it came to church, pastors, etc., etc., etc.
     I was beginning to see how the institutional church was a system, rather than a loving community of believers. I really didn't understand why believers continued in and fostered a system that really kept them in bondage. Then, it dawned on me. It was for the sake of tradition that our practices kept on the way they did, and many are entrenched in them without bothering to ask why we do what we do.
     So, my journey to discover the truth about our practices and tradition has become an investigation into how first-century believers meet together, worship, give to the poor, etc., etc., etc. for the past three years or so. I'm not really certain as to the time frame. However, I now see that tradition is a heavy-handed task master and far too many believers are ignorant of how the post-apostolic higher-ups, for lack of a better word, have influenced believers.
     Hopefully, as I continue writing, I will be able to shed light on and expose the truth for many out there who are clinging to going to church and bending the knee to the system of entrenched tradition.

Grandpa Grizzly