Monday, August 3, 2009

Freedom in America: Part 2

So, now where do our freedoms come from? They come from God, the Father, our creator and are disclosed in the Declaration of Independence as our inalienable rights.
First, I believe it is imperative to differentiate between a Republic and a Democracy. A wealth of individuals believe that our country is a Democracy. This is unequivically false. Essentially, a Democracy is rule by a majority whereas a Republic is a form of G0vernment that is equally representative of all people. Our Founding Fathers hammered out a Republic not a Democracy.
One example of how the Democrats are pushing their "rule by the majority" is by using a process called Franking to keep vital information about the health care reform bill from the people of the United States. Our government officials are able to use their name just like you or I would use a postage stamp. This enables government officials to get vital information into the hands of their constituents. However, their is a "Franking Commission" that regulates the usage of this process and is controlled at the present time by the Democrats. The Democrats are blocking the Republicans from getting out this vital information about health care reform to their constituents. So tell me, where is the equal representation of the people if the Democrats can do this? They are forcing their majority decisions in an underhanded way on we, the people, without our consent. I'm sure that many of the Democrats are holding their breath hoping that they won't be found out.

To be continued