Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Things Can Be Significant

It is amazing to me how preparing with little things can be so significant. This was brought home to me in a simple way. My turn signal light had burnt out, and, of course, being the procrastinator that I am (I'm working on that issue), I had let it go for a couple of days.
Well, I was working day hours and it struck me on the way home how important a simple turn signal can be. A simple means of communication that if not taken care of could have been very costly to me as well as others around me as I was driving home.
Another instance happened during my work hours. I needed paper for my printer in my computer lab. So, I went to the business office and asked our office manager for paper. We went to the storage room for paper and she needed a scissors to cut the strapping off the box. Well, rather than go back up front to the office, I pulled out my trusty multi-tool and was able to cut the plastic straps with my knife. How simple! Yet, this was another time, even though it was a simple act, that showed me once again how important it is to be prepared no matter what the circumstances are. So, I am working on being prepared on a daily basis